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Coppell ISD, Home District of House Privacy Bill Author, Allows Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms

While the leadership of the Texas House, including State Affairs Chair Byron Cook, sits on privacy legislation (such as HB 2899), battles over “gender identity” continue...

Conservatives Hold Ground in Texas, Continue to Dominate Texas Legislature

November 8, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
With the election over and Washington D.C. looking to continue to wander astray from our values, it is clear that attacks on religious freedom, marriage, and...

Strong Showing For Conservatives, Important Runoffs To Come

May 31, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
The long awaited primary election finally arrived on Tuesday, and conservatives in the Texas House and Senate primary races had a strong night. Yet, with a...

Joe Straus, Texas Speaker, Endorses Mitt Romney for President

February 21, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
See details here in the Texas Tribune. The article discusses a recent poll showing Rick Santorum with a large lead in Texas for the GOP nomination,...

Texas Special Session Update: Day 2-More Bills Filed, Congressional Redistricting Added to “Call”

June 1, 2011
Topic: Update
Gov. Perry has added Congressional redistricting to the list of items to get done during this first Special Session, as expected.  See the propsed Solomons-Seliger (Plan...

Texas Sonogram Bill Receives Final Passage, Headed to Gov. Perry’s Desk for Signature

May 5, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
Today, the Texas House voted to “concur” with the Senate to pass the sonogram Bill.  That is the final legislative step.  The sonogram bill now will be sent...

Liberty Institute’s Constitutional Scholars Confirm Legality of Texas House Republican Caucus Meeting

January 6, 2011
Topic: Elections , Update
AUSTIN, Texas, January 6, 2010 – Today Libery Institute sent a , Letter to Chairman Taylor showing the detailed and independent legal analysis of Liberty Institute’s...

More Opposition to Joe Straus for Texas Speaker; New Endorsements For Ken Paxton For Speaker-Add Texas Alliance for Life & Texas Republican Assembly to the List

December 29, 2010
Topic: Update
Joe Straus for Speaker campaign looks weaker and weaker every day as more opposition to his  role as Texas Speaker of the House, grows. Joe Straus...

Hays County GOP: Vote Against Joe Straus

December 15, 2010
Topic: Update
According to the Hays Free Press, the Hays County GOP has passed a resolution asking newly elected State Representative, Jason Isaac, to vote against Joe Straus...

Speaker Joe Straus Defections Continue: Rep. Randy Weber Withdraws His Support From Straus

December 14, 2010
Topic: Update
From Rep. Randy Weber’s Facebook page:  “Well, I have formally requested that Speaker Joe Straus take me off of his pledged list. My District has spoken...