States Following Texas’ Lead in Protecting Christmas

Texas Capitol Christmas Tree (620-240)

Update (5-8-14): Louisiana and South Carolina have passed ‘Merry Christmas’ Bills in their respective state houses. Read about Louisiana here. Read about South Carolina here.

Update (1-21-14): Tennessee has now also filed a ‘Merry Christmas’ bill. Read more.

Update (12-9-13): Oklahoma has now filed a ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill as well. Read more.

Orginal Story: As our Merry Christmas Texas project continues to build momentum and educate Texans on the new Merry Christmas Law, two states are looking to follow Texas’ lead in the effort to protect Christmas in the public square.

In Georgia and New Jersey, state legislators have put forward similar “Merry Christmas” legislation to protect the acknowledgment of Christmas (and other holidays). In Georgia, State Senator Mike Dugan has pre-filed the bill and stated:

“I’m seeing more and more an attitude that it’s not OK to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy Easter’ or other traditional terms. I’m trying to head it off. If Texas can do this and survive court challenges, then we can prevent public officials from having frivolous lawsuits brought against them for recognizing religious holidays.”

And in New Jersey, Assemblyman Ron Dancer has sponsored the legislation, stating:

“This makes sense because there is settled federal district court law that allows the First Amendment right of free speech. I just think the time has come that we have to end this battleground this time of year when it’s supposed to be peace on earth and goodwill to men.”

ACLU opposed bill (1)Despite attacks on the law in Texas by groups like the ACLU and Texas “Freedom” Network, the Merry Christmas Law had overwhelming bipartisan support in Texas passing the Texas House 142 – 2 and passing 29 – 0 in the Texas Senate. We applaud these other states for looking to follow Texas’ lead on this important issue. While they can certainly expect attacks to come, these states should, with bipartisan support, continue the effort to end the War on Christmas.

Already in Texas this Christmas season, we have seen the positive impact that these common-sense protections of our religious expression and heritage can have. And at, Texans can take action by downloading a summary of the law and sharing it with their school district, signing a petition in support of the effort, and reporting how their schools are acknowledging Christmas.

We hope and expect more states follow.

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