“Balanced Teaching of Religious Groups” Resolution Opposed By Liberal Pastors & Muslim Imam

The “Balanced Teaching of Religious Groups” resolution has gotten under the skin of the usual band of Austin liberals.  A former Texas School Board Member, Randy Rives, has drafted a resolution to ask textbook publishers to maintain balance in regards to religion, and prevent an anti-Christian bias that exists in some Texas textbooks, while providing complete information about Islam.  This resolution, as a part of the required process, has been presented to the State Board of Education, and is scheduled for a vote on this Friday, September 24th.

See our comments on video, here. 


Most of these textbooks were used between 1999-2003, but it has not been ruled out, that some of these books are still in Texas classrooms.

Randy Rives is a former school board member at Ector County I.S.D. in Odessa and was a Texas Association of School Boards representative for his region.  He has experience in education matters.  He has outlined his concerns about  Texas textbooks content, in specific detail, in the appendices to the “Balanced Teaching of Religious Groups” resolution.

It didn’t take the extreme left long to respond with a press conference, in typical form.  The liberal left wing group Texas Freedom Network orchestrated a press conference today, where they convinced a small group of left-wing pastors, calling themselves “Texas Faith Network”, to bash this resolution, while basically speaking in favor of religious tolerance and balance, essentially the same goal as the Balanced Teaching of Religious Groups” resolution.

So why are these Austin liberals strongly condemning the acts of a citizen with experience in education?  And I thought these liberal groups wanted separation of church and state, so why are they encouraging pastors to get involved in government decisions and using teaching of faith and morals to support their position?  http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/faith/entries/2010/05/12/texas_clergy_to_sboe_dont_down.html

Once again, the double standard plagues the liberal left, particularly this same group of a handful of “Keep Austin Weird” pastors.

Why else?  It’s all about politics.  Larry Bethune, a pastor at the University Baptist Church in Austin, even admitted that he has gotten involved with supporting candidates or potential political candidates.  This small group desperately continues to try to convince people they are “mainstream”, as well.  How sad.  They complain about people injecting politics into education, and then they turn around and inject their own politics into education.  Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

Texans see right through this double talk.

It’s no secret that the Austin liberals cannot stand the fact that there are 10 Republicans on the Texas SBOE, and only 5 Democrats.  That’s the only story and common theme behind all of the failed efforts of the Austin liberals.

Additionally, the University Baptist Church is nowhere close to mainstream, as the UBC has long been recognized for its aggressive support of homosexuality, so they were glad to jump on the latest extreme liberal bandwagon at the SBOE.  UBC has time and again been expelled from various Baptists organizations for its homosexual views that are nowhere near mainstream, and even more rejected in the Christian community itself.

We’ll be at the Texas State Board of Education hearing on Friday, for the “Balanced Teaching…” resolution, testifying and supporting the efforts to protect religious balance and prevent anti-Christian bias in our textbooks.

We’ll be blogging live from the hearing on Friday, as well.

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