Social Studies/American Exceptionalism/Christmas Issue Starts Next Round Next Week, March 10-12

The elected, 15 member State Board of Education, will take up the Social Studies issue again next week.  The hearings, debates, and official votes will take place March 10-12.  You can count on us to be there, advocating to keep Social Studies strong and accurate.

Do you want to help our efforts?  Are you a current or former educator, professor, teacher, school board member or concerned parent of a public school child?  Please email us at [email protected]   We need to hear from you as soon as possible!!  The next SBOE hearings our next week!

You’ll remember that in January, the SBOE began taking votes on critical elements of what’s in and what’s out in Social Studies courses, but did not complete their first “round” of process during the time available.

The SBOE voted to keep Christmas in, to put Neil Armstrong back in, Columbus, and more.  We are very thankful that SBOE members helped correct these outrageous proposed changes.  So Christmas should stay in from here on out, but we’ll be there making sure nothing changes as the SBOE has not taken a final vote on this issue.

Also, we’ll be working on other important Social Studies issues that still have not received an initial vote, including areas related to religious heritage, faith of our Founding Father, and founding documents.

We will also be blogging live during the meetings.

Check back for more updates!!

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