Save Women’s Sports Bill Passes in the Texas Senate

Today, the Texas Senate passed the Save Women’s Sports bill (S.B. 3), during its second reading on the Senate floor. The bill then passed the final passage vote and is now being sent to the House Committee for scheduling.

S.B. 3 prohibits biological males from competing in University Interscholastic League (UIL) sports meant for biological females, specifically in middle school and high school. Science and common sense have shown that biological males generally have larger hearts and lungs, denser bones, and stronger muscles than biological women.

S.B. 3 defends the rights of women by not forcing them to compete against biological males in women’s sports. Women have fought for the right to have equal opportunities, including equal opportunities in sports.  Title IX was designed to stop discrimination and create equal athletic opportunities for women.

Idaho, South Dakota, and Mississippi have passed laws protecting women’s athletics, and at least 10 other states are currently considering it in their state legislatures. Today marks the fourth time the Senate has passed S.B. 3. Now, it is up to the Texas House, led by Speaker Dade Phelan to protect fair competition in women’s athletics.

Yesterday, September 21st, marked a victory when the Senate House Committee on Health & Human Services passed this bill with a 6-3 vote. Today, the bill was heard on the floor, where there was a 19-12 vote in favor of S.B.3.

Senator Perry is the author of S.B. 3.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbot and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have each seen the significance of this bill and continue to support the effort to push this bill forward.

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