Save Women’s Sports Bill Passes House Committee and Heads To House Floor

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Save Women’s Sports Bill Passes House Committee and Heads to House Floor

AUSTIN, Texas – Last night, the Texas House Constitutional Rights & Remedies Committee passed the Save Women’s Sports bill (H.B. 25) with an 8-4 vote. Texas state Representative Valoree Swanson filed H.B. 25 to correct the widespread issue of biological men unfairly competing in women’s sports.

The bill is now being sent to the House Floor for scheduling where there is support with over 77 co-authors. H.B. 25 prohibits biological males from competing in University Interscholastic League (UIL) sports meant for biological females, specifically in middle school and high school.  Texas Values has requested information from UIL via open record requests to get actual numbers on whether the inquiries to amend birth certificates have increased.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Senior Policy Advisor for Texas Values, testified at the hearing and has released the following statement:

“We believe this is the session that the Save Women’s Sports bill crosses the finish line. Girls deserve fair play.  No girl should have to compete at a disadvantage to a biological male. Women have worked too hard for an equal playing field in sports  and biological males should not take those opportunities away from them.”  

Nationally, 37 states have proposed similar bills and 9 have signed it into law– most recently in Florida. Hold Speaker Phelan accountable to make Texas the 10th state.

This bill defends the rights of women not to be forced to compete against biological males in women’s sports. Title IX was designed to stop discrimination and create equal athletic opportunities for women. This bill recognizes and protects the advances that have been made in the last 50 years for women.


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