San Antonio Residents Again Protest Sexuality/Bathroom Policy; School In Conflict With Fed Rules

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Late  yesterday, numerous San Antonio parents and community leaders again showed up to testify against a new San Antonio ISD school sexuality and bathroom policy that allows boys into girls bathrooms and creates special legal classifications in law based on “gender identity,” a classification that is not recognized in federal or state law. The San Antonio ISD Board of Trustees continues to ignore the voices of parents and community members about a policy change that happened with virtually no notice.

“We are thankful that the community members of SAISD will not back down on this issue. They have continued to voice their concerns, and are calling for a legitimate discussion, said Nicole Hudgens, Texas Values Policy Analyst. “Now that the federal government has re-instated an accurate definition of sex as male and female, the SAISD needs to re-visit their policy. So if the SAISD has set this policy based on the previous administration’s interpretation – which was not set by Congress – then they have no legal leg to stand on.”

Support continues to grow for a petition calling on the San Antonio ISD to rescind the policy and open the drafting process to the community. The petition now has over 3,000 signatures from taxpayers upset with the new policy. No one showed up to testify in support of the new school sexuality and bathroom policy.

Several spoke against the new sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) policy, including Gloria Riviera an SAISD grandmother, and Elizabeth Gonzales, a graduate of SAISD’s Highlands High School, a parent of three girls in neighboring Northside ISD, and with other family members in SAISD.

“Let’s have a discussion, even if we disagree,” Gonzales said.

Speakers were limited to three minutes each. Some highlights may be found on our Twitter account (@TxValues). An archived video will be made available on the San Antonio ISD’s website here.


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