San Antonio Parents, Pastors Speak Up On Un-Vetted School District Bathroom Policy

SAN ANTONIO — Monday night it was the parents, students and taxpayers’ turn to be heard after being essentially denied a chance to comment on a new San Antonio ISD bathroom policy that was passed two weeks ago. In just over one week, more than 900 San Antonio residents have signed a petition opposing the new sexuality and bathrooms policy.

Outraged by short notice and vague wording of an agenda item earlier this month, supporters of privacy who oppose the policy that allows boys into girls’ bathrooms signed up to speak before the San Antonio ISD (SAISD) Board of Trustees. The meeting was standing-room-only, but they easily outnumbered those speaking in favor of the new San Antonio ISD district policy.

Some notable speakers included: Nicole Hudgens, Texas Values Policy Analyst; Patrick Von Dohlen, San Antonio Family Association; Pastor Charles Flowers and Janice Flowers of Faith Outreach Center of San Antonio, numerous San Antonio taxpayers, parents, and grandparents, plus a handful of sympathetic Dripping Springs ISD community members dealing with a similar issue.

Below is the full statement from Nicole Hudgens, Texas Values Policy Analyst:

“Today we are here to stand in support of students and parents who were blindsided by a new policy put on the consent agenda San Antonio ISD.

“No student should be bullied or harassed. But this policy, listed on the last agenda with extremely vague, technical terms, is known as a ‘SOGI’ or sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression policy and has been used over, and over again as a policy that allows boys into girls’ showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms, and vice-versa. These are very contentious policies and are being litigated on across the country and an open and transparent process should take place before a final decision. Parents and taxpayers should be pushed to the back of the bus; the school board should make the discussion of this new policy and official agenda item at the next school board meeting.

These terms are what the Obama administration used to attempt to redefine Title IX using these definitions, which led to the Texas Attorney General leading a coalition of 13 states to stop this policy, and a total of 23 states sued the Obama administration on this issue, which led to a nationwide injunction by a Texas federal district court.

These terms were used in Fort Worth and Dripping Springs in regards to private facilities. Parents stopped the Fort Worth Policy, and Dripping Parents are still fighting this issue. We urge this school board to rescind this policy immediately.”

Forty-nine signed-up speakers limited to one hour and one minute each. Some highlights may be found on our Twitter account (@TxValues). An archived video is available on the San Antonio ISD’s website at the following link:

A press conference was held earlier in the day by supporters of privacy in SAISD restrooms, showers, locker rooms, and other intimate facilities. Read more:


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