Rep. Eissler/GOP Leader Says He Supports Texas Social Studies Standards; GOP Leader Misrepresented in “History Revision” Article

An article today about the Texas Social Studies curriculum standards is going around and looks to have been picked up by the Associated Press (AP) and originated in the Houston Chronicle & San Antonio-Express News.  See one version of the article here.

Here’s the title: “GOP leaders endorse revision of history curriculum standards.”  Here’s the problem, Rep. Rob Eissler is one of the “GOP leaders” quoted in the story.  This morning he was very surprised by this story and told me point blank that he does not support the SBOE re-opening the social studies adoption process.

In regards to the Texas Social Studies standards, Rep. Rob Eissler, chairman of House Public Education said to me: “I support the content.”

The other two GOP members in the article are Rep. Charlie Geren and Rep. Jim Pitts.  More details to come.
See here a Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) letter that Rep. Eissler signed just days before the final vote on Texas Social Studies.
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