Planned Parenthood & Texas Freedom Network Team Up to Push Drug-Based Sex Education;Business As Usual

Planned Parenthood and Texas Freedom Network teamed up today to promote drug-based sex education by supporting legislation that attacks abstinence and requires school to teach about U.S. FDA “approved” birth control methods, other than abstinence, if they teach sex ed at all.  I say drug-based, because so many of these methods include drugs as part of the artificial mechanism they push in front of kids as okay, even though none of them are 100% effective at preventing STDs and pregnancy.  Abstinence, however, is 100% effective at preventing all STDs and pregnancy.  See here what the U.S. FDA is okay with.

 We all know that Texas Freedom Network (in yellow shirts) was started by Cecile Richards, the current head of Planned Parenthood (hot pink attire), so it was no real surprise that they were essentially locking arms in their efforts today.  And this, to me, is the real story that Planned Parenthood, the media, and the Austin liberals don’t want to talk about.  Planned Parenthood is aggressively trying to take over sex education in Texas.  And Texas Freedom Network is right there trying to help them.

These groups spend a lot of of time attacking abstinence, yet do not want to talk about the fact that Planned Parenthood and other groups have been helping provide drug-based sex education in many large urban areas in Texas, for years, with dismal results.  Corpus Christi/Nueces County is just one example.  Numerous school districts in and around Bexar County (San Antonio area) have used artificial and drug-based sex education for children ages 10-15 since 2003, according to one report. 

Austin I.S.D. has also had and still has a contract with Planned Parenthood to perform sex education in AISD public schools.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Dallas I.S.D. and Houston I.S.D. also have teaching on drug-based sex education that downplays abstinence. 

So if Planned Parenthood wants to complain that teen statistics in Texas are not where they want them to be (even thought they get better almost every year-click here for details Sex Education2011), I believe Planned Parenthood and others are largely responsible for such negative statistics, since Planned Parenthood and others like them are involved providing a significant amount of sex education in Texas public schools, using methods that fail time and time again.

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