NY Times: Democratic Tide in 2009 Led to Joe Straus Becoming Texas Speaker of the House

Below is an excerpt from a New York Times article written in January of 2009, just after President Obama was sworn into office and just after Joe Straus had become Texas Speaker of the House.  See full article here. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/28/us/28austin.html

“AUSTIN, Tex. — On first blush, it is easy to think the Democratic tide that swept President Obama into office barely touched Texas. After all, Republicans still run the state and hold all the top offices and, if Texas voters had had their way, John McCain would be in the Oval Office.

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Eric Gay/Associated Press

Joe Straus on his first day as speaker of the Texas House with his wife, Julie, and his daughters, Sara, right, and Robyn. His record and his short tenure made his rise something of a surprise.

But a recent coup by moderate Republicans against the speaker of the state’s House of Representatives suggests otherwise.”

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