New Merry Christmas Law Saves the Day in Frisco

We haven’t even reached Thanksgiving Day yet and already the War on Christmas has reared its ugly head in Texas. In the Frisco Independent School District (north of Dallas), there was an effort to ban any mention of Christmas at the “Winter Party” for one school.  A PTA email stated in a list of “Winter Party Rules” that there would be “No reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday” and “no red/green or Christmas trees.” These types of instructions and “rules” for public schools are irresponsible and clearly not consistent with our new Texas law.


State Rep. Pat Fallon

Thankfully, this incident and mistake was corrected, without legal action against the school, because of the new Merry Christmas law and the exceptional work of Representative Pat Fallon, the Republican Texas House member whose district includes the Frisco I.S.D. Rep. Fallon has been speaking to his constituents in numerous town hall meetings, and he has been specifically highlighting this new law. His work helped inform one of his constituents of this new law, which allowed the constituent to inform Rep. Fallon about the problematic “rules.” Rep. Fallon then reached out to the PTA, informed them of the new law which led to the “rules” being ditched. Rep. Fallon then sent a letter to all the school districts (see attached) in his House district to make sure they don’t make the same mistake.

This case is a strong example of why the Merry Christmas law was needed and why we launched our Merry Christmas Texas project to educate Texans on this important law during the Christmas season. Visit today and help spread the word!

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