More Opposition to Joe Straus for Texas Speaker; New Endorsements For Ken Paxton For Speaker-Add Texas Alliance for Life & Texas Republican Assembly to the List

Joe Straus for Speaker campaign looks weaker and weaker every day as more opposition to his  role as Texas Speaker of the House, grows.

Joe Straus was selected in 2009 by 65 Democrats and only 11 Republicans, giving him the 76 votes he needed to become Texas Speaker of the House, even though a huge majority of his Republican House members did not support him.  Republican Joe Straus was given victory by the Texas House Democrats.

Now, with 101 Republicans in the Texas House (there were 76 in 2009), many constituents and State Reps are saying-not this time.

The Joe Straus camp has deceptively tried to convince people that his is pro-life, even though he took money from Planned Parenthood.

Today, Ken Paxton, a conservative Republican House member picked up the endorsements of Texas Alliance for Life and the Texas Republican Assembly.  TAL goes into great detail to explain why Joe Straus is not pro-life and why Ken Paxton is pro-life.  It’s a pretty easy case to make.  See the release here. TAL-Paxton-Endorsement[1]

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