Merry Christmas: Don’t Be Afraid to Say it!

*Student banned from bringing candy cane to school “Winter Party”, because of religious references.

*Students banned from writing “Merry Christmas” on cards they sent to U.S. Military troops in Iraq.

*School policy only allowed white plates and napkins, no red and green colors allowed for “Winter Party”

*”Christmas” holiday reference removed from social studies curriculum, while other religious holidays like Ramadan, were left in.

Just a few recent examples of the assault on Christmas here in Texas.  Thankfully, we helped pass a state law in 2007 to protect religious free speech in public schools and to stop this type of religious bigotry and intolerance, otherwise this list could be endless.

Share your stories about assaults, the War on Christmas.  Email them to  Christmas is under attack and could be removed from Texas Social Studies teaching, while other religious holidays continue as part of public school teaching. Click here to take action to KEEP CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS SOCIAL STUDIES!!


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