Legislation Gives Parental Control Over Sex Education, Bans Abortion Providers

State Representative Jeff Leach (R-Plano) filed legislation last week that would give parents greater control over the human sexuality instruction taught to their children.  Specifically, the Texas Parental Control Accountability Act (HB 1057) would ban abortion providers and any entity or individual affiliated with an abortion provider from providing sex education instruction or materials in Texas public schools.

The bill would also give opt-in protection to parents, requiring that parental written consent be given for students in Texas public schools to participate in any sex education instruction from any outside individual or organization that is not a faculty or staff member of the school district.

With the questions and outrage mounting on many of the drug-based sex education programs being pushed in Texas public schools, which has led multiple schools districts to reevaluate or halt their programs, commonsense legislation that better protects parents and children is clearly needed. Public schools should not be another avenue for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to recruit and push their agenda on children.

“This legislation goes a long way to respect parental authority in public schools and protect students from the ineffective sex education methods used by abortion providers,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values.

Joint Authors of the the Texas Parental Control Accountability Act include State Representatives Jodie Laubenberg (Parker), Geanie Morrison (Victoria), and Scott Turner (Collin/Rockwall Counties).

Read Rep. Leach’s press release here.

Read the full text of HB 1057 here.


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