Keep Kids Safe, Austin ISD Should Dump Radical Sex Education

Austin, Texas – Texas Values sent a letter to the Austin ISD Superintendent and Board of Trustees today asking for information to keep parents informed on whether they plan to teach the controversial and radical sex education adopted in October 2019 and scheduled to be taught in May of this year.

In the letter to Austin ISD, Texas Values encouraged the district to delay teaching the radical sex education and instead focus on core education topics saying “…the additional demands on students and teachers due to the coronavirus-related distance learning approach should leave all of us agreeing that the focus should be on core subjects, and not on controversial content on sex education that is not required teaching by state law.” You can view a full copy of the letter here.

Jonathan Covey, Policy Director for Texas Values said “Schools should not serve as LGBTQ indoctrination centers, but as hallowed places of education on core subjects. We hope in these difficult times Austin ISD focuses on education for the benefit of Texas students, not indoctrination.”

Previously Austin ISD has come under criticism for using material from a Canadian abortion provider without permission, which could violate new Texas state law under SB22. During the board meeting where the curriculum was adopted the district heard testimony into the early hours of the morning from an overwhelming majority of parents and concerned citizens opposed to it. Since that vote, community response has continued to grow as a new coalition of parents and community leaders formed in opposition to the radical curriculum. The Stand Up for Children – ATX Coalition had previously announced a sit out on May 19th in response to these concerns. More information can be found on their website


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