Illegal Sale of Baby Body Parts Costs Planned Parenthood State Medicaid Funds

Yesterday, the Texas Office of Inspector General informed Planned Parenthood that their state Medicaid funds will be terminated. The reason “stems from an extensive undercover video obtained by the Center for Medical Progress at the Planned Parenthood Gulf Freeway facility in April 2015, which contains evidence that Planned Parenthood violated state and federal law.”

Nicole Hudgens, policy analyst for Texas Values, stated, “Planned Parenthood’s actions have been in question for a very long time. Planned Parenthood does not deserve one dime from taxpayers, and we are thankful for the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott on this important issue.”

The letter from the Inspector General also states, “The evidence arises from detailed discussions with the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s staff. In addition, the United States House of Representatives’ Select Investigative Panel (House Investigative Panel) uncovered evidence consistent with and supportive of this termination.”

“The videos from the Center for Medical Progress brought to light the organization’s most horrific practices of selling baby body parts,” said Hudgens.

Read the full letter here.

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