Gov. Abbott Signs ‘Save Chick-fil-A Bill’ into Law

Austin, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 1978, known as the Save Chick-fil-A religious freedom bill, into law today. The Save Chick-fil-A bill became a statewide and even national movement this session after the San Antonio City Council banned a location from their airport in March because of donations to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Texas Values team was honored to join Governor Greg Abbott at the ceremonially signing.

The Save Chick-fil-A bill is for all Texans, not just Chick-fil-A. It protects anyone who donates to, or affiliates with, a religious organization from government discrimination. Not everyone has the market share or resources Chick-fil-A does, and facing a government ban could be a make or break moment for many small businesses. No Texan should fear state-sponsored attacks against them because of what they believe. The Save Chick-fil-A bill ensures, just like the First Amendment intended, that no one is discriminated against for associating or donating to a religious organization.

Texans expressed their overwhelming support for the Save Chick-fil-A effort with over 150,000 phone calls, emails, and social media messages to the Texas Capitol on the issue.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said “We thank Governor Abbott for signing this common sense, bipartisan supported religious freedom legislation into law and for the leadership of Senator Bryan Hughes and Rep. Matt Krause. The Save Chick-fil-A law makes it clear in Texas; you don’t mess with Chick-fil-A, and you don’t mess with religious freedom.”

More information on SB 1978 can be found here.

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*Original press release can be found here. The post has been updated to include the ceremonial signing.  

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