Explosive Austin Meeting: Parents tell ISD to Reject Radical Sex Ed, One Parent Goes to Hospital

Last night, parents, grandparents, and citizens packed the Austin Independent School District (AISD) Board Meeting commenting about the district’s consideration and rewriting of the sex-education program. Parents and citizens in AISD are concerned because of the radical sex-education the district has proposed and the lack of transparency with parents. Over 1,600 messages have already been sent to AISD calling for the radical sex-education curriculum and standards to be repealed.  


A supporter of the radical sex education curriculum verbally assaulted other peaceful citizens, and one person went to the hospital for evaluation after being attacked. 


A majority of speakers spoke against the AISD proposed sex-education curriculum and standards including: 


Caryl Ayala, a former Austin ISD teacher, who explained the Austin ISD sex-education lacks parental input and includes dangerous sexual role-play situations that students are instructed to act out in class.  


Bernadette Willis, a mother in Austin, stated, “If I teach my child she is a girl, that should not be challenged by a teacher or school…seek the law as a reference and parents as a guide.” 


Barbara Bucklin, a community leader in Austin, reminded Austin ISD they are required to emphasize abstinence, but the proposed sex-education does not comply with state standards.  


A former Austin ISD student stated he was appalled by new the sex-education curriculum, asked the school district to stop, and told parents to review the sex-education curriculum.  


Another citizen asked, “Why is Austin ISD exposing our children…to role play beyond what they can adequately progress?”  


Nicole Hudgens, Director of Policy for Texas Values, stated, “It’s time for Austin ISD to listen to parents and citizens who overwhelmingly do not want radical sex-education taught to their children. This issue can no longer be hidden in the dark, it’s time for truth and transparency to come to the light.” 


Last week, Texas Values hosted a town hall with Concerned Parents of Texas to inform parents about the AISD sex-education curriculum and standards.  


AISD has now indicated they will not use Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum (as they had originally proposed) because of SB 22, a new law recently signed by Governor Abbott that prohibits local governments from buying materials from abortion providers. Texas Values and Texas Values Action worked hard this past legislative session to help get SB 22 passed. AISD has now stated that “staff” are rewriting the curriculum for both grades 3-5 and 6-8, and the district now claims they will allow parents to review all materials before adopting them later this year. 




About Texas Values 

Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at txvalues.org. 


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