Dallas Drag Queen Show Promoted to Infants

The City of Dallas Public Library is currently advertising a controversial and divisive drag queen show to be held at the Grauwyler Park Branch location and that the show is appropriate for age groups from infants to 11 years old. The drag queen performers for this public library event during the day are employees of an adult night club venue where children of this age are not permitted to enter. The drag queen event is scheduled to take place at a public library Saturday at 1 pm where children will be able to “hear stories, sing, dance, and interact with these fabulous ladies” according to the library event page.

This Dallas event follows on the heels of a similar and controversial drag queen event that was canceled by the city government of Leander, and in Houston where two drag queens involved with these shows were discovered to be registered sex offenders.

The media was banned from attending an unofficial Leander event by the drag queen show organizers.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said “Whoever at the Dallas Public library decided it was okay to market this drag queen show to babies needs to be fired. The drag queen lifestyle and culture is now and historically connected to adult night clubs that often include nudity. A drag queen show is no place for children.”



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