Congressman Lloyd Doggett Gets an Earful on his home turf, in Austin on Obama Health Care

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-Austin), according to others, asked his constituents to come out and “bend his ear” on the so-called attempt to “reform” health, which President Obama has been lobbying for in the past month or so.

Well, Rep. Lloyd Doggett should have had no trouble hearing the response he received, loud and clear.

Click here to see the video.  Thanks to our local citizen activists for bringing this to the attention of many.

So I guess now Rep. Doggett will listen to his constituents and vote against Obamacare?  (Update: appears his answer is “NO”)  See Rep. Doggett’s statement here.

This story has gained national attention and has been commented on by numerous national writers, including Michelle Malkin.

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