Carroll ISD Plan Loaded With LGBTQ Advocacy

Austin, Texas – Carroll Independent School District (Carroll ISD) has plans on Monday, August 3rd to present a so-called Cultural Competence Action Plan” to the school board of trustees for a vote. The long, 34-page document includes massive details on how the school plans to increase the presence of LGBTQ groups, curriculum, and special protections over the course of 5 years.

Jonathan Covey, Director of Policy for Texas Values said “Schools need to be focusing on reopening, and education, not pitting students against each other by elevating certain groups over others. This controversial and divisive LGBT advocacy plan for public schools creates a hostile environment for Christian students and any other child who isn’t a cheerleader for Leftist sexuality policies.”

Tim O’Hare, a parent who has children that attend Carroll ISD schools (which includes the Southlake area) said “Southlake is a wonderful community. No one in Southlake supports mistreating anyone.  We want everyone to be treated with respect, dignity and loving kindness.  Unfortunately, this proposed plan does not reflect the values of our community, and its passage would be a total disaster.”

These types of policies will ensure that curriculum is taught championing LGBTQ issues, punishing Christian students who have sincere beliefs on marriage and gender, and could even expand to the issues of men in women’s locker rooms, or competing on girls’ sports teams. But that’s not all, the plan will allow students to use a hot line to “snitch” on any opposition to LGBTQ issues. The policy will create an environment that pits students against each other and singles out Christian students who hold a biblical worldview. This divisive plan will marginalize students, parents, and teachers of faith.


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