Avoid Target this Tax Free Weekend in Texas

Target boycott (without button 620 w)

With the Tax Free weekend coming up in Texas, and the rush over back to school supplies in general, Texas Values wants to remind our friends and followers about Target’s dangerous “gender inclusive” bathroom and changing room policy.

For those unaware, this policy allows biological men who self-identify as women to use the women’s facilities. As a recent study showed, reported sexual offenses (including assault, exposure, and peeping tom instances) have tripled since Target announced this “gender inclusive” policy.

A staggering 99.1% of the reported offenses happened against women and children.  As the study indicates, this confirms “The theory that sex predators may take opportunities afforded by gender-inclusion policies to perpetrate sexual violence against women in public spaces. No other theory seems to account for the significant and precisely-timed increase seen in the Target reports”

This is not the type of environment we should be exposing our vulnerable children too.  With so many other options available to us for back to school supplies, we encourage you to take your business elsewhere.

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