Austin Funds More Abortion, Continues to Sidestep State Law

Austin, Texas – The Austin City Council voted today on a radical budget which included an additional $100,000 for “logistical support services” for abortions, continuing their track record of sidestepping state law in SB22. This amount is in addition to the $150,000 already allocated to controversial group Jane’s Due Process which helps minors receive an abortion without parental consent.

Senate Bill 22 (SB 22) is a state law that went into effect in 2019 that forbids government contracts with abortion providers.

Texas Values has often provided testimony against these pro-abortion efforts by the City of Austin.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values said “What does Austin City Council do in the midst of the suffering of Austin’s economy due to Covid-19? Increase the amount of money used to take the lives of preborn children by 67%! While the Austin City Council has taken drastic measures in order to allegedly save lives during the pandemic, Austin City Council has made sure that even more lives will be taken with their significant increase in abortion funding. Innocent children should not suffer the consequences of grandstanding adults with no budget sense and no respect for the sanctity of life.”


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