Austin City Council Funds Abortion Group To Circumvent State Law

Austin, Texas – Today Texas Values testified before the Austin City Council against a measure to provide funding for an organization that circumvents Texas law and helps minors receive an abortion without parental consent. The measure passed the liberal council unanimously.

“Today, the Austin City Council engaged in political posturing to see how far they can go before violating SB 22. The Council approved a questionable contract of up to $150,000 to fund Jane’s Due Process in order to help underage girls obtain dangerous abortions without their parents’ knowledge. The City of Austin should not be spending taxpayer dollars to help end the lives of unborn children, ” said Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values.

This is part of an ongoing effort by the Austin City Council to bypass another state law, created by SB 22, which forbids local governments from using taxpayer dollars in any resource transaction including a sale, purchase, lease, donation of money, goods, services, real property, or any other transaction in support of abortion providers, or their affiliates. SB 22 was created after the Austin City Council decided to give Planned Parenthood a government owned building for $1 a year in rent for the next 20 years. Sen. Donna Campbell authored the bill in the Texas Legislature, and it was signed into law by Gov. Abbott in 2019.

Video of Texas Values testimony is here:


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