Appeals Court Stops Immigrant Abortion Request: Unborn Child At 15 Weeks

Sonogram photo (620-240)

An unborn baby of an immigrant teen in custody in Texas gets another shot at life after a federal appeals court decision – the decision comes as many people recognize October as Respect Life Month.

The federal appeals court temporarily halted an abortion request by a teenage illegal immigrant Thursday evening after a federal judge ordered immigration officials to accommodate her wishes to engage in the life-ending procedure. Several state and national leaders have intervened in an attempt to save the unborn child, including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Trump Administration officials.

Said Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values:

“Let us not forget that the life of a child, and the potential exploitation of a minor hang in the balance with this case. No circumstance should ever warrant taxpayer dollars to be used to pay for an elective abortion, the intentional killing of an innocent human life. We are thankful for the Texas Attorney General and the Trump administration’s actions on appealing this issue and are praying for both lives involved.”

Respect for Life Month was started by the Catholic Church in 1972 – the year before the U.S. Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade – and continues to be a time of rallying the pro-life community to spread awareness of the life of the unborn, as well as increasing a culture of respect for life via education, pastoral care, public policy, and, most importantly, prayer.

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