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PR: DOMA Ruling Shows Judges Pushing Same-Sex Marriage on States

May 31, 2012
Unfair DOMA Ruling Shows Need For Federal Marriage Definition: One Man, One Woman Liberty Institute Says Judges Pushing Same-Sex Marriage on States Today, the U.S. Court...

Strong Showing For Conservatives, Important Runoffs To Come

May 31, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
The long awaited primary election finally arrived on Tuesday, and conservatives in the Texas House and Senate primary races had a strong night. Yet, with a...

Moderates, Gay Republican & Professor Lose Big In SBOE Races

May 30, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE
In the Texas Republican Primary election yesterday, challengers and “moderate” Republicans took their best shot at conservatives and largely lost, many of them losing by big...

U.S. Senate, Texas SBOE Getting Attention On Election Day

May 29, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE , Update
Today is election day and while most of the focus is on the U.S. Senate seat, the Texas State Board of Education, particularly the Republican primary...

Primary Election Day Is Here!

May 29, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
After months of delay, today is Primary Election Day in the state of Texas. It is the day you decide who will represent your values in the critical...

Support For Abortion At Record Low

May 23, 2012
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
Today, a new Gallup poll was released that shows Americans continue to identify less with the pro-abortion side of the debate on life.  In the poll,...

Early Voting Has Started, Share Our Voters Guide Video

May 16, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update , Videos
Check out our Texas Legislative Update Blog launch video announcing our Free Voters Guide.  Remember early voting is going on now through May 25th.  Get your Voters Guide...

Texas Primary Voters Guide Available Now!

May 12, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
We are excited to announce that our 2012 Primary Voters Guide is now available exclusively at Here is how you can access your personalized Voters...

U.S. Senate Race Heating Up With Key Endorsements

May 12, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
The race for Texas’ next U.S. Senator heated up this week as Sarah Palin announced an endorsement of Ted Cruz; while ads have filled the airwaves...