Primary Election Day Is Here!

After months of delay, today is Primary Election Day in the state of Texas. It is the day you decide who will represent your values in the critical November election. Important races from the U.S. Senate to the State Board of Education to State House and State Senate to Supreme Court and many more are all being decided. If you have not already, please visit to access your personalized guide to find out where your candidates stand on import issues like religious liberty, life, marriage, the proper role of government, and others.

Our mission through the 2012 Election season is to inform as many Texans as possible so that your voice is heard. Please encourage others to vote today by sharing with your friends and family on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.

Your vote today will help determine our liberties for tomorrow. Please take the time today to vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same! And after the election, be sure to follow our Primary Election coverage and analysis on our Texas Legislative Update Blog and our Facebook page.

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