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Last Chance in 2009 for Faith, Family, Freedom!!

December 31, 2009
Topic: Update
See details below.

Family & Freedom Year End Review

December 30, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here for year end summary and details.

Want to Make A Difference for Faith, Family & Freedoms? Give A Year-End Gift

December 28, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here to Donate to our work TODAY! (President of Free Market Foundation shown above as legal counsel for Hannah Giles, who helping take down...

Don’t let them take Christmas out of the classroom! Sign the Petition!!

December 23, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here to sign the petition Recently, an appointed review panel for Texas state education standards decided to wage war on Christmas. This unelected group...

Christmas Under Fire, Part 2

December 22, 2009
Topic: Update
Christmas Under Fire, Part 2: Eastfield College This year, Eastfield College in the Dallas County Community College District gave the gift that unfortunately some keep on...

Merry Christmas: Don’t Be Afraid to Say it!

December 17, 2009
Topic: Update
*Student banned from bringing candy cane to school “Winter Party”, because of religious references. *Students banned from writing “Merry Christmas” on cards they sent to U.S....

Christmas Under Fire, Part 1: Texas State Board of Education

December 14, 2009
Topic: Update
This year, the war on Christmas started early when new proposed social studies statewide curriculum standards, unveiled in August, showed that Diwali would be taught instead...

Update: Travis County Bows To Planned Parenthood; Ignores Mass Public Outcry

December 11, 2009
Topic: Update
December 11, 2009 First, thank you to all the hardwork by so many people.  You made your voice heard and stood up for what it is...

Check out our interview/statement on taxpayer funded abortions!

December 10, 2009
Topic: Update
We just completed a press conference on the Travis County taxpayer funded abortion issue we’ve been telling you about.  There was a broad coalition of groups...

Statesman Column: Abortion Is Not Health Care

December 10, 2009
Topic: Update
“A service that involves forcibly removing a living human being from its mother’s womb is not “health care” for which we Travis County taxpayers should be...