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Recently, an appointed review panel for Texas state education standards decided to wage war on Christmas.

This unelected group removed the teaching of Christmas from social studies classes for sixth grade students across the state, and replaced it with Diwali — a Hindu religious holiday. For years, Christmas has been a part of social studies teaching along with other religious holidays, including Ramadan and Yom Kippur. But this all changed earlier this year.

Concerned citizens like you expressed outrage! As a result, the review panel restored Christmas to the social studies curriculum, for now. However, the State Board of Education, a 15-member elected body, has the final authority over this curriculum decision, which will impact textbook content statewide. The full board will vote whether or not to keep Christmas in our textbooks when they meet January 13-15.

We need your help to protect Christmas! We want to make sure the State Board of Education and any future review panels get the message loud and clear…

Don’t Mess With Christmas!

Please sign our petition now to Keep Christmas in Texas and encourage your friends and family to join the battle as well.

You can help protect Christmas for Texas students by making your voice heard and by adding our widget to your blog, Facebook page or other profile page. The education of our children is too important to remain silent

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