Will Texas Call For a Constitutional Convention? Attacks on SBOE Flood In At Last Minute

Legislative Update: This week at the Texas Capitol, a House Committee passed the Choose Life license plate, and a separate committee passed the voter I.D. bill.  The House also gave final approval to the sonogram bill in the House (HB 15).

Another issue of interest is the idea of calling for a constitutional convention to pass a balanced budget amendment, an idea and legislation which we do not support and which we testified against.  There is no guarantee that if such a constitutional convention were called that the convention could be limited to just one amendment.  There is also no proof that any safeguards that might be put in place would actually have the legal authority to control such a convention. We do support requesting that Congress pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to balance the federal budget (HCR 18), but we do not support the call for a constitutional convention to achieve such a goal (HJR 100, SJR 1).  However, we are proud that Texas leaders are looking for solutions to the problems caused by the federal government, even though we may disagree on the method.

As the deadline to file bills comes today, numerous bills were filed today by liberal legislators wishing to undermine and reduce the role of our elected State Board of Education, likely because they don’t like our the Social Studies curriculum that wsa adopted and they only want left-wing professors with certain letters after their names to decided what students learn.  We’ll have more details on these bills later, if they actually start to move.

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