VIDEO: Churches & Elections – What is the Law?

In this important election cycle, many churches and pastors feel called by Scripture to equip the saints to represent Christ in all areas of our society, including the voting booth. Pastors should be supported in their goal of helping their members be good stewards in their civic duties. This is especially important in light of the fact that only one out of every four Christians in America votes.

Unfortunately, many churches and pastors have been given false information about their rights. The law is actually very supportive of pastors and churches in fulfilling their mission to equip their congregations. Even as a non-profit corporation, there are many things a church can do!

We have put together a short video outlining what Churches can and can not do during elections:

Churches may not:

  1. Endorse or oppose a particular candidate.
  2. Contribute to or raise money for a candidate (including free use of a church list)

Churches may (among other activities):

  1. Register their members to vote
  2. Pass out non-partisan voters’ guides
  3. Invite all candidates in a race to speak, regardless of the number of candidates that accept invitations
  4. Speak directly on specific issues and legislation (abortion, marriage, etc.)

Individually, a pastor can do whatever he feels led to do: endorse, support a member’s campaign, etc. There are no limitations. The few limitations above that exist are only for the Church entity and only if the Church is a non-profit corporation.

Churches with questions regarding their rights can call our office at 512-478-2220 or email us at

Download our Churches and Election handout to share with your pastor.

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