VICTORY: Mansfield ISD Votes 7-0 Against Adding Pro-LGBT Policy

Austin, Texas – Last night during a virtual meeting the Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees voted 7-0 against adding “sexual orientation” as a protected class to their school policies for employees and students. This victory comes after a long battle over Mansfield ISD policies that began with a lawsuit against the school district. Texas Values team members submitted testimony to the Mansfield Board of Trustees virtual meeting.

Jonothan Covey Director of Policy for Texas Values said, “We are thrilled the Board did not cave to radical LGBT activists seeking to rewrite the law creating avenues for LGBT activism without parental permission, threaten religious liberty, and cause issues with privacy and women’s sports.”

The school district said in a joint statement read by Board Member Darrell Sneed that the school district believes they care for all of their students and extra language is not needed in order to comply with federal law.


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