VICTORY! Heartbeat Law Wins Final Federal Court Decision, Dismisses Lawsuits

Austin, TX – Today, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals remanded Whole Women’s Health v. Jackson and ordered the trial court to dismiss the abortionists’ case against the Texas Heartbeat Law. This order is yet another win for the Texas Heartbeat Law, and the final blow to the federal lawsuit by Whole Women’s Health and other abortion providers against the groundbreaking pro-life law. The Texas Heartbeat Law has already won at the Texas Supreme Court three times.

Jonathan Saenz, president and attorney for Texas Values released the following statement:

“This final federal court decision for life leaves no doubt that the Texas Heartbeat Act is the law of the land in the Lone Star State. We are grateful to the federal courts for upholding this groundbreaking law and protecting pre-born babies.” 

The 5th Circuit’s order today directed the lower court to dismiss all challenges to private enforcement provisions of the statute and to consider whether the plaintiffs have standing to even challenge the law.

Texas Values was the leading faith and family organization in Texas which led in every phase of the passage of the Texas Heartbeat law.  For more information about the Texas Heartbeat Law, please visit

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