VICTORY! Fort Worth ISD SHAC Chooses the “Best” Option for Sex Education!

You did it! Thanks to your messages to the Ft. Worth ISD SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) and you showing up in force, the SHAC voted by an overwhelming majority, Monday night for the sex education curriculum parents and stakeholders agree is the best age appropriate, abstinence-based curriculum for students in Ft. Worth ISD!

The SHAC room was overflowing with parents and stakeholders, including pastors and congregants from local churches. Members of the Texas Values team were there for support and able to provide comment through the QR code. Texas Values also has official record of the vote posted on our Texas Values YouTube page. Attendees also included Texas House Representative Nate Schatzline, SBOE member Pat Hardy, and Texas House candidate Cheryl Bean. Many in the audience held signs asking the board to vote for the “best” sex education curriculum and to reject the radical sex education curriculum that was also being discussed. The public was not given the opportunity to testify but many of you responded to the Texas Values Action Alert and sent messages to the SHAC members to choose the curriculum that aligns with your values and promotes sexual risk avoidance. The highest scoring sexual risk avoidance curriculum, called “Choosing the Best”, was the only curriculum the SHAC voted to move forward.

The process is not over! There will be a few review meetings and an additional vote by the SHAC on February 5. The Ft. Worth ISD Board of Trustees will give the ultimate vote on which sex education programs will be used in schools. But Monday night was a HUGE victory! For so many years, Ft. Worth ISD and other school districts have chosen inappropriate and radical comprehensive sex education programs for students against the will of parents and the community. The vote Monday night by the SHAC is a positive step forward for parents and students.

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