VICTORY: Forced Gender Transition Stopped, Dad Wins

Austin, Texas – According to sources and reports from the courthouse, Jeff Younger will be allowed to have a voice in his son’s medical procedures, effectively stopping any gender transition. Jeff Younger has been very clear about his desire to call his son by his legal name, James, and raise him as a boy. Today’s decision should allow him to do that.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values who was at the Courthouse today said, “Today we see that children should not be forced to undergo life-altering and dangerous gender transitions. This is a victory for parental rights and common sense.”

Texas Values has helped spread the word of Jeff’s fight to protect his son, including having Jeff Younger speak at our Texas Faith & Family Day at the Capitol back in March of this year.


In recent days many Texas elected officials have weighed in on this issue as well.

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