Victory at SBOE! Texas Children Protected, Radical Sex-Ed Fails

After almost a year and a half of advocacy on the part of Texas Values, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) decisively voted to finalize abstinence-focused Health standards for K-12 students in Texas. The board also sent a pro-life message by adding a final amendment for students to study fetal development as early as fifth grade.

Despite months of testimony and heavy lobbying from pro-LGBT and pro-abortion activists, over 17,000 parents and citizens supported the SBOE to reject topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, and comprehensive sex education.

The Texas Values team testified earlier in the week, asking the Board to refuse any amendments that introduce LGBT political ideologies and to accept the standards as written. Many health educators in favor of sexual risk avoidance testified for the board to keep the standards abstinence-focused.

“We are pleased that the elected State Board of Education decided to listen to parents and uphold health education that promotes sexual risk avoidance for children,” said Jonathan Covey, Policy Director for Texas Values.

“Leftist political and personal ideologies have no place in science-based, common sense health education, which is why efforts to add sexual orientation and gender identity topics failed,” said Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values.


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