Veterans Day: Thank Our Veterans & Troops & Thank Conservative Texas State Board of Education For Keeping It Important in Social Studies

During the Texas Social Studies battle, a misguided group of teachers recommended that Veterans Day be removed from some sections of k-12 social studies.  But they wanted to add more mentions of Mary Kay Ash and some liberal members wanted more mentions of avowed Socialist, Dolores Huerta.  This outrageous effort by some groups of teachers to remove Veterans Day from parts of our social studies standards ultimately failed, because our ELECTED State Board of Education members said NO to these changes.  Our conservative leadership by the State Board of Education members, led the way on this. Find out more at


Huge 2010 Veterans Day Parade in Austin, Texas

For our continuing work, at Liberty Institute, to protect Veterans Memorials, like the Mojave Desert Memorial & Cross, see

Also, see our State Board of Education video where we helped keep Veterans Day from being taken out of some sections of the K-12 social studies standards. Speaker Joe Straus is considering taking away your right to vote for State Board of Education members.


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