Pro-Life Victory, New Court Challenge Awaits

Fifth Circuit Upholds Provisions in Texas’ Pro-Life Law

Late last week, Texas’ Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, HB 2, was upheld as constitutional by the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Specifically, provisions requiring that doctors performing abortions must have admitting provisions at a nearby hospital and that tightened safety guidelines for the abortion drug RU486 were upheld, reversing the ruling of a lone lower federal court judge, Lee Yeakel. The historic pro-life bill, supported by Texas Values, was authored by Republicans Rep. Jodie Laubenberg and Sen. Glenn Hegar and was passed with bipartisan support in 2013.

This is a tremendous victory for life in the state of Texas. The unanimous ruling of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the will of the Texas people and will ensure that women’s health and the lives of the unborn are both given the highest protection. Read more.

Planned Parenthood Launches New Attack Against HB 2

On the heels of the Fifth Circuit upholding two provision of HB 2, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights have announced a new legal attack on the law. In this suit, pro-abortionists are targeting the provision that requires abortion facilities to meet the same safety requirements that other surgical centers in Texas are already required to meet. The suit also seeks to readdress the hospital admitting privileges provisions specifically for abortion ‘clinics’ in McAllen and El Paso.

As Texas Values told Breitbart news in a story on the new lawsuit, these lawsuits demonstrate that the pro-abortion advocates are clearly losing: “They are on the wrong side of history. They are losing in the courts, they are losing in legislatures, and they are losing in the hearts of the people. This lawsuit just shows the utter desperation of the pro-abortion side, who are seeking to protect their industry over commonsense safety regulations.” Read Breitbart’s story.

Texans Turn out for #HobbyLobbyDay

On Saturday, thousands of Americans supported Hobby Lobby around the country and thanked them for standing for our religious liberty at the U.S. Supreme Court. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties are seeking the right to operate their businesses in accordance with their faith and not to be forced by the government to provide health plans that cover abortifacient drugs. Please sign our petition in support of Hobby Lobby and commit to pray.

Pastors Appreciation with Focus on the Family

Texas Values was excited to attend a Pastors Appreciation Luncheon in San Antonio this week with Focus on the Family and their president, Jim Daly. Texas Values is proud to be the state Family Policy Council associated with Focus on the Family. At the event, Focus on the Family screened a clip of the upcoming documentary on the importance of the family, “Irreplaceable.” The one-night-only showing for the movie is May 6. Get more details.


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