U.S. Senate Race Heating Up With Key Endorsements

The race for Texas’ next U.S. Senator heated up this week as Sarah Palin announced an endorsement of Ted Cruz; while ads have filled the airwaves with Mike Huckabee supporting Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and Troy Aikman telling us he’s “voting for Tom (Leppert).”

See a CNN article on Palin’s edorsement of Ted Cruz here.

With the Tea Party fueled victory in Indiana of Richard Murdock over longtime time incumbent Senator Richard Lugar, there is now a lot of talk about this U.S. Senate race outcome also being a measure of the strength of the Tea Party in Texas’ primary elections.

And, other key endorsement surely will be coming?  Texas State Senator, Dan Patrick, founder of the Tea Party caucus in the Texas Legislature, said on Thursday during the Texas Tribune coffee discussion that he may be making an announcement about who he’s supporting in this U.S. Senate race.  Or he may not.  Senator Patrick did say he believes Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst will win the Republican primary, but that was not an endorsement, just his belief.

It will be interesting to watch this race as we head to the finish line.

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