Constitutional Amendment Texas Proposition 3 : Religious Freedom


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Texas Proposition 3, the Prohibition on Limiting Religious Services or Organizations Amendment, passed the Texas Legislature with bipartisan support as Senate Joint Resolution 27. Prop. 3 is on the ballot November 2, 2021 as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment proposal.

This proposed constitutional amendment, if passed, would protect churches and places of worship, as well as religious organizations, from being shut down by the government such as happened during the initial period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Texas Proposition 3 Overview:

  • Prohibits government agencies and officials from issuing orders that close or have the effect of closing “churches, congregations, and places of worship” in Texas.
  • Further secures the Texas Freedom to Worship Act, passed during the 87th Regular Session, by preserving it in the Texas Constitution.
  • “Place of worship” is defined in Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 110 to include non-church buildings or grounds where religious activities are conducted.

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