Tx Special Session-Day 18: Showdown on Planned Parenthood, Rainy Day Fund

As the week ends and we pass the half way point of the 30 days allowed for a Special Session, two unresolved issues we’re following closely are getting a lot of attention.  SB 7 contains pro-life provisions, particularly efforts to finish the job of defunding Planned Parenthood of state tax dollars.  The SB 7  conference committee report was not a pro-life as the version passed by the Senate, so numerous House pro-life members are fighting to get a better conference committee report.  No resolution on this issue thus far.

Use of the Rainy Day Fund is the other issue.  Numerous House Republicans have pledged not to use the Rainy Day Fund, but Democrat member Rep. Donna Howard somehow got an amendment on SB 2, that does just that.  Rep. Phil King made a motion to instruct the SB 2 conference committee members to strip that amendment off, and the instruction received and approving vote of 87-59.

We expect these two issues to be resolved by early next week.

The Special Session could end as early as next week, but my belief is that we could go all they way to Day 30, June 29th.

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