Truth Bomb #2 – National Memorial Ladies banned from telling mourning families “God bless you.”

The National Memorial Ladies, comprised of about 37 volunteers, attends approximately 60 funerals a week to ensure that no veteran is ever buried alone. The Ladies give handwritten condolence cards to the families of the deceased veterans. The Ladies are always sensitive to the religious background of the family, which they often ascertain from whether or not clergy is present at the burial and their interaction with and observance of the family members.

Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio told members of the National Memorial Ladies that they must take “God” out of their vocabulary.

She told them that they could not speak nor write the words “God,” “Jesus,” “God bless you,” or even “I’m praying for you,” to grieving families burying their loved ones.

It’s so outrageous that you have to see it to believe it:


Please visit to sign our petition asking the VA to stop this religious discrimination.

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