Times Up! Transgender Special Rights Bill-“Gender Identity & Expression” Bill Fails to Get A Vote

12:00 A.M. -Times up, HB 1323 fails to come up for a vote before deadline.  Thanks for your help and attention to this bill!!

11:47-Update-HB 1323 is just 13 bills away, looks like time is going to run out on this bill.  We’ll see shortly.

HB 1323, should be voted on tonight, at the pace they are going through bills tonight.  MAKE YOUR CALL NOW, all the State Reps and staff are here tonight and will be here voting on bills likely until Midnight!!  Today is the last day for House Bills to get passed.

HB 1323, by Rep. Strama, (D-Austin), purports to address bullying and harassment in public schools.  But it goes farther than that by allowing for a special category for discrimination for “gender identity and expression”(transgender) persons that are “actual or percieved.”  Are you confused? So will be school adminstrators and judges if this law passes and later is challenged in court.

The phrase “gender identity and expression” will find it way into Texas law for the first time that we know of, under HB 1323.  See the IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION BELOW!!

Will Public School Bathrooms now have to be gender neutral under HB 1323?  Will it be bullying and harassment if a groups of girls repeatedly tell a boy he can not use their bathroom, even thought his “gender identity” is female?  https://txvalues.org/2009/04/10/will-texas-transgendergender-expression-identity-bill-lead-to-abathroom-bill/

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