Transgender Bill Filed by Texas Democrat: Will Joe Straus Support This Bill?

SB 245,a Texas bill filed by Democrat Sen. Wendy Davis, (D-Fort Worth), purports to address bullying and harassment in public schools. But it goes farther than that by allowing for a special category for protection for “gender identity and expression”(transgender) persons that are “actual or percieved” in public schools.  Are you confused? So will be school adminstrators and judges if this law passes and later is challenged in court.

The phrase “gender identity and expression” will find its way into Texas law for the first time that we know of, if SB 245 becomes law.

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is already annoucing their support for the bill. A similar bill has been filed by Democrat Rep. Mark Strama (D-Austin), HB 224.  HB 224 does not yet contain special protection for “gender identity and expression”(transgender), yet, so the homosexual advocacy and lobbying group, Equality Texas, hasn’t endorsed this bill.  But I am certain Rep. Strama will add the transgender language at some point, like he did in HB 1323, last session.  HB 1323 did not pass.

The ACLU actually opposed HB 1323 because it trampled on the First Amendment.

See the homosexual community’s analysis and glowing support of SB 245, here.

Will/would Joe Straus, current Texas Speaker of the House support these bills?  We don’t know at this point nor do we know if he would say, if asked, as according to his staff he doesn’t answer questionnaires.  This was the form response given when asked why he refused to fill out the Texas Alliance for Life questionnaire recently.  Anyone that is trying so hard to convince other people that they are pro-life (i.e. Speaker Joe Straus)  should not be afraid to fill out a pro-life questionnaire.  Refusing to fill out the form just gives support to the belief held by almost every single pro-life person in Texas, that Joe Straus is not pr0-life.

Remember, Straus has the strong support of the LGBT community.  Details here.

Sign the letter today, asking  for a change from Speaker Straus, and asking your Texas House member to support a true conservative Speaker of the House.

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