Thousands March for Life Remembering One Supreme Court Ruling, Preparing for Another

Dallas March for Life crowd (620-240)Dallas, TX  – Texas Values joined 7,500 pro-life Texans from across the state at the North Texas March for Life in Dallas, TX in remembrance of the tragic Supreme Court decision in 1973, Roe v. Wade, which has led to the death of over 57 million unborn children. Roe v. Wade was originally filed in downtown Dallas at the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse. The March commemorated the lives of the unborn who have been lost and the women who have been betrayed since the 1973 decision.

Speakers included Dr. Tony Evans who reminded attendees that “The ultimate reason we march for life is because to take another human life is to attack God.” Jewels Green, a former abortion clinic worker told the crowd of her memories of seeing women crying in the waiting and recovery rooms of abortion clinics, and how she cried herself to sleep because of the emotional pain of abortion. The Most Reverend Kevin J. Farrell encouraged attendees to embrace hope in the pro-life movement, no matter how long it takes to end abortion.

Nicole Hudgens of Texas Values stated, “After seeing 7,500 Texans gathered in cold and rainy weather, I am more encouraged by the resolve of Texans to advance the pro-life movement until every human life is valued. Seeing the men, women, and children of every age and background gathered in the very place where Roe v. Wade was filed, caused me to grieve at thought of over 57 million children that we will never know. I grieve for the loss of 57 million mothers who have been physically and emotionally damaged because of the lies they were told. I grieve for a nation that allowed the genocide of a generation. Yet, I am also encouraged that though Roe v. Wade was filed in Texas, I have hope that decision on Texas’ HB 2 will be a new marker on the road to end abortion. I look forward with great anticipation to the day when women are no longer betrayed by the lies of abortion and children are protected, both inside and outside of the womb. May the next generation say of us that the tragedy that started in Texas, ended in Texas.”

This year, Texas’ HB 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Law, will be challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the law’s common sense safety standards. Texas Values will be defending the pro-life HB 2 Texas law by filing a legal amicus brief with the U. S. Supreme Court that will include details about the disgraced abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell who is now in prison. The movie “3801 Lancaster” shows in frightening detail what happens when women don’t have laws like HB 2 to protect them.

The Texas Senate also had an investigative hearing this summer after investigative video footage from the Center for Medical Progress revealed Planned Parenthood was selling baby body parts. The videos included a Director at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston who called the sale baby parts “Just a matter of line items” and an abortionist in Austin who stated taking intact heads of aborted babies as “Something to strive for.”

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