Texas Values Fights For Unborn During COVID-19 Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has put life on hold for many, Texas Values has remained busy and more alert than ever, fighting the abortion industry’s attempts to take advantage of uncharted legal territory.

Pro-abortion groups, ever eager to increase the abortion count, have scrambled to take advantage of the current public health crisis through an ideologically driven agenda. Their exploitation has shown up again in the last few weeks as Governor Greg Abbott, seeking to preserve personal protective equipment for medical and hospital staff treating coronavirus patients, issued an executive order placing a temporary ban on elective surgeries. The governor’s order applied to all elective medical procedures and Attorney General Ken Paxton confirmed that his office would be enforcing the order as a ban on abortions.

Abortion providers in Texas were quick to sue both the Governor and the Attorney General, and a flurry of restraining orders and Federal Fifth Circuit court rulings followed.  The result was that an estimated 1,800 babies’ lives at least have been saved from abortion to date.  On average, abortionists perform 144 abortions per day in Texas.

Abortion groups like Planned Parenthood worked hard to carve out an exception for medication abortions, arguing that this type of abortion would not take essential medical supplies from pandemic efforts, even though past experience tells that a percentage of women will require an emergency room visit to prevent hemorrhaging.

Texas Values fought every step on behalf  of other pro-life entities during this process. Our organization had a special opportunity to be the main legal voice for pro-life organizations by submitting an legal amicus brief to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Texas Values led a coalition of support of 11 states and the medical organization American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists who all signed on to the brief.

Texas Values is working diligently to save lives, even as the coronavirus spreads destruction throughout Texas and abortion groups try their hardest to end the lives of innocent babies. While this work has lately involved statewide legal challenges, it does often include supporting pro-life organizations on a local and regional scale.

Texas Values has been asked recently by local pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) for analysis on the recent COVID-19 local government restrictions and their effect on the ability of PRCs to provide mothers with critical resources such as diapers and baby formula. Texas Values’ legal team was able to provide advice allowing these resource centers to continue serving economically disadvantaged families in the Greater Austin area and to continue their mission of saving young lives.

The Texas Values team is committed to standing for pro-life measures and being a voice for the unborn through educating, advocating, investigating, preserving and protecting.  With your help, and with the help of a strong alliance of partner organizations, Texas Values is fighting to put an end to abortions and restore the value of human life.

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