Texas Values Continues to Expose Austin ISD Radical Sex-Ed in Media

It’s been a busy week here at Texas Values. After a late-night on Monday that stretched into the early hours of Tuesday, when Austin ISD voted unanimously to pass their new radical and hypersexualized sex education curriculum, Texas Values was flooded with media requests. We’ve highlighted a couple of interviews for you below, as well as some of the other news stories on the subject. Texas Values is committed to standing for truth in the media to ensure that the viewpoints of Christians and values-supporting Texans are heard!

Jonathan on Point of View (starts around the 13-minute mark):

Jonathan on Chris Salcedo, WBAP Dallas:

Jonathan on American Family Radio, Airing the Addisons

[soundcloud id=’706057948′]

Other media stories include:

Austin American Statesman



PJ Media

LifeSite News

Breitbart News

The Blaze

Todd Starnes

The Texans News


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