Texas Values Announces Legislative Team and Priorities

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Texas Values announced today their legislative team and policy priorities for the 86th Texas Legislative Session.

Nicole Hudgens has been with Texas Values for 4 years and has been promoted to Senior Policy Advisor. In this role she will lead all legislative and lobbying efforts in the fight for faith, family, and freedom as well as oversee other members of Texas Values and Texas Values Action policy team.

In addition to Jonathan Saenz, Texas Values President and Attorney, plus other supporting staff members, Mary Elizabeth Castle J.D. has joined the Texas Values and Texas Values Action team as a Policy Advisor. Mary Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree from SMU and received her J.D. from Texas Tech School of Law. She has previous experience working with First Liberty, two federal judges, and for the General Counsel at Midwestern State University, focusing on policy. She will be working side by side with the rest of the Texas Values team to ensure the 86th Legislature protects pro-family policies.

Texas has the opportunity to advance the line in the 2019 Legislative Session on religious freedom, privacy, marriage, life and education. Below are some of the issues the Texas Values Action team sees that need to be addressed:

Religious Freedom: The need for religious freedom and conscience protections is increasing, specifically when it comes to the issues of marriage and human sexuality. Individuals, parents, business owners, government workers, churches, and pastors continue to be attacked and threatened when it comes to sincerely held religious beliefs

Privacy: Students in Texas are still at risk of being forced to share showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms with students of the opposite sex. In fact, Texas Values staff continues to hear from concerned parents of students who are being forced to share facilities with the opposite sex. Some school districts in Texas have policies that allow boys into girls’ showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms. And the issue is only getting worse.

Life: Unborn children in Texas can still be killed inside the womb. Some governmental entities in Texas still financially support abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Our efforts will continue to support protecting unborn children and ending any government use of taxpayer dollars or subsidies for abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.


About Texas Values
Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at txvalues.org.

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