Texas Legislative Update: Midnight Deadline Looms-Still Working!!

12:40 a.m.  House adjourns without passing major budget related bill SB 23 and three other massive education, judiciary, and health care bills, HB 6, SB 1717, and SB 8.  Senate adjourns after Sen. Wendy Davis uses filibuster to block SB 1811, a budget bill that was a “must pass”, so we’re now headed for a special session.

11:15 p.m.  House fails to get 2/3rd vote on motion to extend Texas Leg deadline passed 12:00 a.m., SB 23, HB 6, and SB 1811 (Senate Dems using filibuster to stop this bill from passing), have the countdown started on them.

Some noteworthy bills still await a final vote.  Texting/reading text ban and “fiscal matters” bills (SB 1811 and SB 23) need to pass for budget to ‘work out”, to avoid a special session. HB 6 is also awaiting a final vote.  More updates to follow.

Very important updates to come later.

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